Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke: Avoiding, recognizing and treating heat related emergencies.

During a football team’s 2-hour practice in late August, the coach has defense running sprints without rest breaks for the last 20 minutes of practice. One of the players suddenly falls to the ground. He has extremely hot skin, is sweating, and appears disoriented. What would you do? This scenario can happen at any outdoor […]

Product Expiration Guide

Life-saving equipment and supplies need periodic maintenance and replacement. Enter the school year with confidence that you will be prepared for ANY medical emergency. Perform a physical inspection of all equipment and supplies kept on hand to save lives. Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)   AED Defibrillation Pads AED pads expire and batteries will run down, […]

Drowning Prevention

It finally feels like summer. Swimming pools, beaches, boating and backyard baby pools; everybody is trying to stay cool. Unfortunately, bodies of water can be dangerous places for children, even those with swimming skills. According to the American Heart Association, drowning is one of the top injury related, avoidable deaths for children 15 and under. […]

World EMS Expo, Nashville, TN

One of the core values from our mission statement at Vital Education and Supply, Inc. reads: VES believes that the commitment to frequent and repetitive life-saving training strengthens the community and work force. The follow up statement reads: VES believes that the above statement cannot be true without continuous research, observance and improvement of medical […]

Emergency Tourniquets and the Lay-Rescuer

“Complete abstinence is easier than perfect moderation.” This sage quote by ancient author, Saint Augustine, perfectly describes the mind-set of the American Heart Association’s guidelines for lay-rescuer tourniquet use in the last 10 years. Now, the 2010 guidelines are allowing tourniquet use to be part of the curriculum once more, in moderation, of course! Documented […]