Changes to the Physical Fitness Facility Medical Emergency Preparedness Act:
(If you are a school or fitness facility, you need to know these amendments.)

Synopsis: Outdoor physical fitness facilities now must have an AED within 300 ft. of that facility. (ie: Football fields, swimming pools, etc) The law further states that a trained user must be present during all physical fitness activities. Read more on this amendment. For the entire act, click here.

Illinois State is revisiting some amendments to the above Act. Below are links to the progress of these bills.

HB4182 – Act should not include a facility owned by a non-for-profit.

SB2001 – Act should not include golf courses

HB0921 – Act should be worded that AED is to be staffed during normal business hours

SB1254 – Act should not include facility owned or operated by a municipality or township.


Illinois Good Samaritan Act: (CIVIL IMMUNITIES (745 ILCS 49/) Good Samaritan Act.)
You are protected. The State of Illinois has one of the best Good Samaritan Acts in the country. If you render aid to someone and the outcome is bad, you cannot be held liable unless you are proved as using “willful and wanton misconduct” while rendering aid. Read more on the law. Recently Governor Quinn added to this bill.

Illinois Automated External Defibrillator Act: (PUBLIC HEALTH (410 ILCS 4/) Automated External Defibrillator Act)
What the Illinois Good Samaritan Act doesn’t cover about owning and maintaining an AED, the Illinois AED Act does. See how providing this life-saving device at your workplace WILL NOT increase your liability. Read more on this act.

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