World EMS Expo, Nashville, TN

One of the core values from our mission statement at Vital Education and Supply, Inc. reads:

VES believes that the commitment to frequent and repetitive life-saving training strengthens the community and work force.

The follow up statement reads:

VES believes that the above statement cannot be true without continuous research, observance and improvement of medical trends, federal, state and local laws, and training methods.

We are good at what we do because we bring experience to the table, but what makes us great is our commitment to keep current on said research, trends and laws.  With that, I’d like to comment on my recent trip to Nashville, TN and the World EMS Expo.  Once a year, Emergency Medicine is represented from all corners of the world.  The main population at this conference is the United States, but I personally met representatives from Europe, Asia and Africa.  Not only do we learn from the experts bringing us the latest sciences, but we learn from sharing information with these dignitaries from afar.

This year, topics ranged from Active Shooters, Classroom and Education Techniques, Pediatric Emergencies, Farm Injuries and Rural EMS.  But that is a sampling of only classes I attended.  There were so many more to choose from and I’m only one person; I couldn’t get to them all.  But, regardless of the class topic or the level of expertise it spoke to, two (2) clear topics were the focus of most classes offered: Hemorrhage (bleeding) Control and Good Quality CPR.

For Bleeding Control, we’re seeing more tourniquets; different types for different situations.  How do you apply the necessary pressure that a tourniquet offers in a junctional area such as the armpit (auxiliary) or inner thigh (femoral)?  Well, there’s a tourniquet for that!  We’re also seeing a rise in Hemostatic Agents such as QuikClot® and Chito-SAM™, but only for trained providers; there’s still a lot of heat related agents out there that are not recommended for use.  Compression bandages are still in high use with a focus on an old battle field favorite; the “Israeli” style emergency bandage.

For CPR, the message is the same; high quality CPR and a fast response with AEDs.  Are we saving more lives?  The numbers are climbing, but not as high as they should be.  Research is showing that the CPR falters 60 seconds or more into the rescue attempt.  More by-stander CPR is being started, but the quality compressions are not being maintained.  This goes for professional rescuers as well as by-standers.  Data shows that rescuers are getting fatigued and a visionary”Pit Crew” approach is becoming the new standard for rescue situations involving more than one rescuer.

Other equally exciting, but not as critical samples were found in the hundreds of vendor booths such as, a talking EPI pen (Auvi‑Q™), low-dose aspirin (SOLVES STRIPS™) in a strip that dissolves in delicious cherry flavor on your tongue; all things you may see in your first aid kit down the road.  If you’re thinking about a first aid class with us, we’ve brought samples back from the show and are excited to share these new items with you.

Overall, the show was a Home-run for us at Vital Education.  We are so excited to share our updated knowledge with you.  Check out our class offerings and book a class for yourself or call us to book a class for your company today.

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