Pet First Aid Instructor: Chelsea LaFranchise

Chelsea LaFranchiseFor the past eight years, Chelsea worked locally in Springfield and Champaign but got her start in Emergency Medicine in Tucson, Arizona; her hometown. When Chelsea joined Vital Education and Supply, she brought her emergency room experience to the classroom, teaching CPR and first aid to school teachers, businesses, and children in the surrounding area.  But Chelsea’s passion for life-saving did not stop at human patients and soon she took on the role as lead instructor for Pet First Aid and Disaster Planning. It’s a natural fit for Chelsea as she keeps home with many of her own pets! There’s Compass, her mutt dog, two cats named Pounce and Philo, and a variety of crawly creatures- including 8 tarantulas! There is no creature too small, or too creepy for this gal!

Just as Chelsea is committed to her own pets, she is equally committed to helping others overcome challenges faced when a pet is ill or injured.  Please join Chelsea as she takes you through Pet First Aid and Disaster Planning for Pets. The curriculum is in-depth and the take-home book is loaded with information.  Also, there will be plenty of hands-on practice; giving you the knowledge to act confidently in a medical emergency or disaster, for the sake of your pets.

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