New Trends in AED Program Management

Do you perform a visual inspection of all your AEDs once a month?  Do you log those findings in a complicated spreadsheet?

A new trend in AED and WiFi technology is hitting the AED market. This new innovation will allow you to monitor your AED’s rescue readiness from your desktop or mobile device, making it easier and more efficient to manage. This new technology is especially advantageous for facilities with multiple devices. A user-friendly phone application shows the preparedness of all of the devices that it is connected to. 

Currently available for purchase in the United States is the LifePak CR2 which uses built in WiFi technology and a free-to-end-user LIFELINK central AED Program Manager. This AED is also equipped with other state-of-the-art technologies such as patient analysis through CPR which minimizes compression interruptions and the ability to quickly connect to paramedic LifePak defibrillators.

Soon, HeartSine will launch its HeartSine Connected in the US as a POS purchase or after-market option. Both will come with free software to monitor one AED or multiples.

Cardiac Science G5 is not too far behind the pack and will also be launching a WiFi AED program manager by 2020.

With the trend in technology pointing towards WiFi program management, it will now be easier than ever to manage 1 or 20 AEDs right from your desk. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have through our website, or by calling us at (217) 359-0101.

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