Grant Writing Help for AED units and ALS monitors

I’m a little late getting to my EMS Responder magazine from June 2010, but inside I found some wonderful information on Grant Writing.

How many times do you try for them and find that your grant applications are getting denied? Whether you are looking for grant money for AED units or ALS monitors, or other types of life saving equipment, the grant writing process is difficult to master. This article on EMS grants$13437 talks about the crazy guidelines that typically prevent us from getting any money, but it also focuses on the important pre-grant stragies that will help make you more successful. Details and accuracy are important, but also research and matching the grant with the Cialis need. The article even mentions the grant writing specialist that are available to help. I have many customers who use a grant writer to assist them and guess what….they get all the dough.

Philips Healthcare is always on the lookout for new grant information and it is our desire to help your service be the best it can be. Need help getting and AED or ALS monitor? Check with me and I will give you whatever current information I have available for grants. You may also want to follow the link to the EMS Responder Grant Web page for additional information on grants.


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