The American Heart Association CPR/AED course is a well-rounded course suited for the layperson, fitness professional, daycare worker, as well as educators and other professionals. The course is video-based and instructor led, and provides readiness to play a vital role in the chain of survival for medical emergencies and heart attack victims. Adult and child CPR/AED are the primary focus, with infant CPR offered as a free option. All courses are taught by Instructors certified through the American Heart Association with real-world experience. Students who complete the course receive a certification card at the end of class that remains valid for two years.

Knowing how to correctly use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a vital skill for health care employees, teachers, fitness instructors, lifeguards, childcare workers, and anyone else who may need to respond to an emergency cardiac situation. We teach you how to recognize the first signs of cardiac distress, and how to use the AED equipment. Learn the difference between using an AED on adults, and on kids when necessary. In addition, we teach you the basics of how defibrillation works, and how to alternate between providing good quality CPR with the use of an AED to respond confidently to a cardiac emergency.

Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in the United States and other countries, with approximately 424,000 people of all ages experiencing sudden cardiac arrest each year. Early intervention with the use of an AED for those in sudden cardiac arrest greatly increases the chance of victim survival. Learn how to recognize the signs of a heart attack, and intervene in the brief time frame needed to save the victim’s life.